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Traditional Hungarian Food

Above Image: Andrew Rozsa with his mother Marika.

Since 1988, my family and I have run our meat market at 189 Parker Ave. in Passaic, New Jersey. Using traditional Hungarian recipes and ingredients, we prepare pork, beef and meat products, home-style hickory smoked ham, sausage, salami and all kinds of cold cuts.

We also sell ground poppy seeds and ground walnuts and many traditional Hungarian food ingredients. This is the food your family has enjoyed for generations. However if you are new to Hungarian delicacies you will be delighted. All our products are prepared with traditional and generational know-how mixed with tender love and care.

We begin with the highest quality meats, blend it with the finest spices and offer you food which praises the tastes and inspires the soul. In my store, you will receive the best— foods which praises the tastes and inspires the soul.

  • Pork - Beef & Meat Products
  • Home Styled Smoked Sausage
  • Salami & All Kinds of Cold Cuts
  • Holiday Hams & Traditional Foods
  • Hungarian Delicacies
  • Spices & European Sweets